White-Bakkie Man


Another White-Bakkie Man

Imagine standing at a four-way stop holding one raised fore-finger into the air, being observed by the rush-hour traffic of a morning of a day’s activity taking place. Nothing to do, hungry, dejected, seeking one day’s employ for one man to lift and get. The fortunate, full, financed, for a fleeting moment are uncomfortably scrutinized by the action-seekers, the failure for whom to yet again be hired hangs as an inevitable pit of doom in the rising sun; the later the day, the less the chance. And then another white-bakkie man returns the one finger gesture except it’s his middle finger! What happened?!!

White-bakkie man interviewed:-

“Yeah, I know it’ a pretty hard-core sign, means Fuck You! and all that but it’s a pretty hard life and if you haven’t got a job it’s pretty much Fuck you…ain’t got no job, I’m just trying to survive myself..you know? So Fuck-off Man…!!”

So what do you make of that hey??! It’s all about getting around and to do things and survive…everythings available there, tittbits and the whole smackeroo and life is give and take. What’s your Luck?

Imagine the discomfort.

Standing in the rain blue work-clothes drenched one finger raised to heaven choking on the fumes of bored commuters not needing help it was 6 this morning, then 7, then 8 must be past nine now the traffic’s thinning another day of nothing better go back to nowhere try get dry.

Sing to the tune of “Wakiki Man”:

White-Bakkie Man, White-Bakkie Man,

Another God-damn White-Bakkie Man..

Sing Country/Western style with N. American accent:

He’s a White-Bakkie Man

With his own Family plan

and he don’t give a damn

’cause he’s just another

White-Bakkie Man..


painting white bakkie man (oil on canvas) and writing by P.Nangle 2005