Nyanga Njanja


Moon Full of What?

The day can’t turn into night

The moon’s shining too bright

Unknown sounds mingle, emerge

The man paces

He shakes his head, his leg, his house, his bed

The cosmos rages

Ring around the moon in silent weather

The showdown abates

The kettle boils

Fridge-car, car-fridge-stove, car-fridge,

stove-fridge-car, stove-fridge-car, fridge-stove, car-fridge

Modern Man Chant Main Chorus:

Fridge-stove-car, car-stove-fridge

stove-car-fridge, fridge-stove-car

Lead Solo Chanter: (higher pitch, more nasal)


More Chorus Tenor Lead X3


car-stove-fridge-car, kettle, kettle, kettle

Moooooooonn!! said the cow

Moooooooooo! said the car

Mona!! said the man

Monday! said the night

still shining light as day


painting  nyanganjanja (oil on board) and poem by P. Nangle 2005

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